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To play our games you have to have the Flash Player installed in your browser. It can be downloaded for free from Macromedia.

DJ with turntables.


Kids from all around the world.

Chase Banjo-Aliens in the Sound-Forrest.


Cartoon-computer on a surf-board.

Try to match the voices of the animals.


This is our first two games and more is to come. Whether you are visually impaired or well sigthed you can compete on the same conditions and try to get your name on the hiscore-list.
If you get a great idea for a sound-game please let us know, and we will try to make it come true.

All games will work in the same way with the keyboard. When you open a game from this page, a new window with the instructions for the game is opened. Then you can launch the game.

TAB First a ticking sound is heard while the game is loading. When it has finished loading a beep-beep sound is heard, then press the TAB key 2-3 times until you hear a bell - then the game is ready.
When you have finished a game you can use TAB to play again.
SHIFT-i You can at anytime press SHIFT-i to go back to the instructions, but the game will start over again, when you go back to it.
SHIFT-h When you have finished the game you can press SHIFT-h to add your score to the hiscore-list
SHIFT-q In the game you can at anytime press SHIFT-q to quit the game and come back to this page.
Other Keys Each games has also its own keys for playing the game. These can be found in the instructions for each game.



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